Double Majors. Double the Advantage.

Double Majors.
Double the Advantage.

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6 Key Reasons Why a Double Major Degree Benefits You

Based on 2018 Research in Higher Education, measuring undergraduates’ innovation capacities, it shows that students who double majored scored 17.4% more on the innovation scale than the average student, attributed to the fact that your understanding and knowledge are enhanced with two complementary fields.

Choosing a Double Major expands your prospects with multiple career paths, giving you more options and improving employability.

Source: Why Double Majors might beat you out of a job


Mastery in two different fields is no small feat, requiring substantial dedication of your time and effort.

Though you may have to sacrifice some leisure time to get the school work done, research has shown that a Double Major Degree holder earns more on average over their peers over time, allowing your hard work to pay greater dividends.

A Diploma holder at age 25 who defers his or her Degree for 3 years might miss out on S$49,393 (over the next 3 years).

A Diploma holder at age 30 who defers his or her Degree for 10 years might miss out on S$264,720 (over the next 10 years).

Source: Comprehensive Labour Force Survey, Manpower Research & Statistics Department, Ministry of Manpower 2018


Taking a Double Major offers you the combined skills and knowledge from two disciplines, allowing you to complement your skill sets, yielding unique insights and experiences and enhance your career prospects.

For instance, a Double Major in Human Resource Management and Psychology equips you with the capabilities and know-how of people management from an organisational perspective, supplemented by Psychology in its understanding of human behaviour.


Prospective employers will take notice of candidates who have attained Double Majors, as such candidates appear to be self-disciplined, adaptable and resilient.

Marlene McCauley, Associate Academic Dean at Guilford College in Greensboro, North Carolina espoused the virtue of students who took Double Majors by stating that, “With Double Majors, students are saying that they are interested in viewing the world through more than one set of lenses.”

Source: Double Majors Do Double Duty, dated 4 March 2019


The study of two disciplines will give you broader perspectives with the benefit of exposure to complementary subject matters and diverse groups of people. These can help you to build your communication skills and knowledge, and develop an open mind, key skills sought by most employers in the workforce.

In addition, achieving a Double Major Degree demonstrates to employers that you have the tenacity and are better equipped to handle the job, granting you a competitive edge.

Murdoch University offers a timely Double Major Degree programme that can be completed in 16 months instead of 28 months, subject to university’s approval.


Murdoch University Degree programmes offer a mixture of theory and practical work focusing on real-world applicability, providing opportunities to complete real-world projects for industry partners in your field.